The Kansas Farmers/Ranchers

The Kansas Farmers and Ranchers are invited to participate in this forum by making a comment on someone else’s remarks or posting a comment on a subject of interest to them. This is an interactive site designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas. Think of it as your Community Bulletin Board to compare notes on agriculture-related subjects. Consider the issues that are specific to the regional environmental conditions found in Kansas (climate, soil, terrain, etc.).

Participants are encouraged to recount their experiences - good or bad. Describe the experience and when it was bad, share how you resolved the issue (Include funny stories and/or inspiring stories about farm/ranch life). If you have a particularly thorny issue on the farm/ranch, maybe someone else online has had the same issue and found a workable solution. Give us examples and descriptions of projects that you are working on. Everybody likes to hear what others are doing.

If you are searching for a specific item - post it online. Post website addresses that have information that you think would be of interest to others.

You may want to buy, sell or trade machinery, animals, etc. (Individual farmers/ranchers only, no commercial dealers please). Post on any farm/ranch subject, agriculture information/suggestions that you would like to pass on to other farmers/ranchers (i.e. type of seeds to plant, crops to plant, animals to raise, experiences that you have had). This is all about sharing with your friends and neighbors what works and what doesn’t. Give us your views and post feedback on comments that others have made.

Post any innovative ideas you may have to increase economic activity in Kansas (i.e. growing and harvesting switchgrass for ethanol in the ditches of the Interstate Highway System).

Use the Site to make announcements of local events (i.e. farm/ranch sales, barn raisings, special church functions) and community events (i.e. fairs, rodeos, trade shows, 4-H events, festivals, arts and crafts shows, etc.) Events that are specific to the region you are in.

Keep and post a journal of daily activities/events!
Farm and ranch women should also use this site to express their views. Tell us about your daily life (the products you grow – specialties of your farm/ranch, where you go, what you do, etc). The women are strongly encouraged to participate and discuss events from their prospective, on what it is like to live on a farm or ranch.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kansas Photos from Mid 1800s to Early 1900s

Click on link to view photos from "The Good Old Days in Kansas":

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